Until I Wake

When Whitney moves from Texas to Oklahoma for a fresh start, she thinks she’s finally left her past behind.

She couldn’t have been more wrong.

The more she tries to fit in, the more she feels like she’s losing control. With a series of mysterious accidents hitting close to home, Whitney begins to question her own sanity.

She’s battled this before, what could be so different now?

The gun. She can’t stop thinking about the gun.

It’s worse this time, and she refuses to let anyone help. She wants to be the strong one for once. Why can’t she just be strong?

The gun.

Until I Wake takes you on a journey through Whitney’s shattered mind as she tries to uncover the truth and fight for her own survival.
The stress and her ever-present panic push her beneath the surface.
How many innocents will she drag down with her?

Pick up your copy of Until I Wake to find out.