• How My Book Came to Be

    Have you ever fallen down an internet rabbit hole? That’s how the idea for this book all started. During the height of the pandemic, when we were on lockdown and everyone was supposed to stay home for “two weeks,” there was a joke I kept seeing all over the internet. The government just needed the…

  • Don’t Look Behind You

  • Book Launch Day!!

    In the aftermath of the devastating events in Washington, Bryce finds himself tormented by guilt and survivor’s remorse. Torn between the urge to escape and the call to join the fight, he wrestles with his decision. Meanwhile, Monique grapples with grief over the loss of her friend and the shattering of her familiar world. Eager…

  • The Birds Aren’t Real 2

    Or what will formally be called Don’t Look Behind You is approaching its release date. May 31st to be exact. And if you want to get the ebook for the discounted price of $2.99, preorder now. Because if you wait til launch day, it’ll be more. So, go, get it. Preorder now.