• Horror Writers Only

  • A Scary Movie

    I feel like my Death as a Roommate story will end up in this horror comedy category. So, the obvious choice of movie to link with it is Scary Movie. This movie franchise has its jump scares and twisted scenes, but it is ultimately hilarious. And even though my story probably won’t have many scary […]

  • Pen Names and Genre

    On Tuesday I mentioned writing in different genres. And anyone wanting to be successful knows that different genres might need a different name. You wouldn’t want to confuse your readers by publishing romance, thriller, and action all under the same author name. And I’ve been considering branching out in this way. Dave at Kindlepreneur is […]

  • Reading like a Writer

    I’ve always loved reading. But I’ve also always been the type of reader that tears through books and moves on quickly. I’ve struggled with digging deeper. But I’m working on it. And here’s a video with some tips on doing just that in case anyone else struggles with it too.

  • I’m Writing A Series

    My current writing project is a series. I’m looking at at least four books to run the plot through. But this is going to be my first series I’ve ever written and so I’ve been looking at all the tips and tricks to doing it effectively. One of the most talked about ideas is creating […]

  • A Touch of Humor

    So, I mentioned loving vampire, werewolves, and magical nonsense. And I know everyone’s first thought jumped to Twilight. Full disclaimer, I enjoyed the books enough to read all of them and see the movies. Wasn’t a fan of the movies. But eh. Anyway, here are the best of rifftrax of the first one for your […]

  • American Horror Story

    Probably my favorite AHS season since I love witchy things. So, I thought it would fit to pair with this week’s post. Enjoy.

  • Built in Bookshelves

    I spend too much time daydreaming about my forever home. And while the layout of the kitchen or the floor plan is up in the air, one thing that never changes is my desire for a library. And I’ve imagined a million different ways for this library to look, including just splitting a regular room […]

  • Tips for listening to Audiobooks

    Listening to audiobooks is an adjustment. Especially if you multitask like I do. I listen to audiobooks at work and while cleaning, so sometimes my train of thought gets interrupted by an outside source. But I’ve gotten used to it for the sake of wanting to get through more books than the time in a […]

  • Spongebob and Customer Service

    For the giggles.