Sleepy Saturday

Left Handed Knives

Saw this band play while visiting San Antonio so I thought I’d share them with you. It was a fun night.


My tot’s favorite movie right now. So, if you haven’t watched it, here’s the trailer. And if you haven’t watched it – shame on you. Go watch this adorable movie!

Piper on TikTok

On Tuesday I mentioned the Shadow People TikTok video. And here it is! The creator is @pipercj and all of her stuff is fascinating and enlightening. Oh, and she’s also an author so you should go buy her book!

Getting Anxious

I deal with anxiety on a daily basis. I’ve gotten pretty adept at putting on a mask and being a functioning person when out in public, but there are still situations that make me freeze up. This week, I had… Read More »Getting Anxious

A Busy Sunday

Hey, I’m on tiktok @kylieraewriter If the video doesn’t load for you (it was giving me problems trying to embed) you can click here instead 🙂 Just a little clip of all the things I do when I need to… Read More »A Busy Sunday

Author Insights

I’m forever grateful for the videos from the 20Books conference. One day I hope I’ll be able to attend, but for now I’ll watch and learn on youtube. Here’s one I watched this week.

Mindful Meditation

Take a moment for yourself today. We all need to slow down once in a while and decompress. Let the stress out and recenter ourselves. Here’s a little video to help you through if you’re new to meditating and want… Read More »Mindful Meditation