• Retail Ugh

    *eleven years Check back Thursday to read all about the people that annoy me 😊

  • Character Time

    This week I’m going to talk about how I discover my characters when plotting a book. And I have a super hot tip on how to handle writers block! Check back on Thursday to read about it!

  • Blindfold Test

    This week I explore another exercise with the senses. A blindfold makes you rely more on your other senses. Can you smell and feel your way out of a bad situation? Check back Thursday to see what happens.

  • Workspace Updates

    Tiny tot is going to take over from now on. You’re all in good hands, haha Anyway, had a few changes in my writing life, and Thursday I’ll go more in depth. But for starters, I work at the kitchen table now, my desk was too small for all my big ideas 💡

  • Library Dreams

    Because you know your girl is gonna have one in her library one day 😁

  • Another Random Image Prompt

    This week I tried my hand at another exercise from the Now Write book and I decided I needed the help of some random images again. These are what Google gave me, come back Thursday to see what I ended up with.

  • Customer Fail

    This week we return to tales from hell – I mean retail 🙃

  • Night Reading

    This would have been super helpful when I was a kid. I couldn’t tell you how many times I got in trouble for reading in bed when I was supposed to be sleeping, haha.

  • Writing Exercise

    This week I started a new exercise book called Now Write and the first prompt asks to pick two pictures and focus on one point in each. So, here are the two pictures I found and Thursday you’ll get to read what I put together.

  • Books!!

    How I spent my Christmas and birthday money last month 😅