• An Attempt

    There’s a house at the top of the tallest hill, with a light on in the atticNo one knows who lives in the house, but someone mustHow else would the lamp be lit, every day as the sun goes down?Do you dare knock on the door? No one knows who lives in the house, but…

  • To Plan a Murder pt 2

    Norman swept the crumbs from his sandwich off the table into his hand and dumped them into the trash can. Then he shuffled to the sink to wash the one plate, one knife, and one cup from his dinner. Standing at the sink, he could look out the window to the yard across the street.…

  • To Plan a Murder pt 1

    It wasn’t supposed to be serious. We’d stayed late at the block party and had a few too many drinks. It was all a joke. But then on Monday, Barty rang me up and said, “So, we set the meeting place for the gym at the YMCA tomorrow around six. Bring Shannon if you want.…

  • A Thing Called Spud

    We’d always wanted a family pet. To say that Mom and Dad weren’t pleased with what we brought home would be an understatement. Mom’s crinkled lip and Dad’s blatant disgust spoke louder than their objections. But it only made us want it more. We named him Spud. At least, we think it was a he.…

  • Ghosts

    I crept down the staircase as the voices faded into the kitchen. A deep unfamiliar voice mingled with hers. She’d brought another man over. I listened hard, trying to determine if it was the same one from a few nights ago. Probably not. I knew well enough that she wanted the company, not the commitment.…

  • Smart Pets

    Trying to make her smile again. The way he used to.

  • Interns

    Being an intern is harder work than the work you’ll do when you get paid. But if you really love this, you’ll put up with all of it.

  • A First Meeting

    — giggling! —

  • The Man she Loved

    She loved a man with a violent love