• DIY MFA prompt: A Book that Changed My Life

                    I need to go to the bookstore! I’m out of informational books to read. So, when I am stuck in a place like this, I turn to the DIY MFA website to read articles to learn me some knowledge (and possibly find suggestions on more books to buy!).                 As I perused through several […]

  • DIY MFA Book Prompt

    Use Description to Reflect Emotion *Describe the way a character sees a room. Three separate occasions with the character in different states of mind. The mood influences how they see the room* -The room: The Kitchen- Mood 1: Being chased by someone and is terrified                 Shana dashed into the kitchen. Looking over her shoulder, […]

  • DIY MFA Book Club Prompts

    I’ve gotten a little behind on the book club prompts, but only because I had to honor my reality for a bit. We just moved into a new house, and that takes up a lot of your free time. Especially when I didn’t have any time off from the day job to get things done. […]

  • DIY MFA Prompt

                    I’ve spent some time perusing old DIY MFA articles again and came across a few writing prompts. What are my writing successes for last year? The post was all about being able to physically measure your success and achievements. Solid numbers make a big difference instead of just “Oh, I wrote a draft of […]

  • DIY MFA Prompt: The Name Game

    Prompt: Pick first and last name from the provided list. Answer a few character questions. Begin a scene with the provided line of dialogue (You think you know what it’s like, but you don’t) and write until you fill the page. DIY MFA Name Game * “You think you know what it’s like, but you […]

  • DIY MFA writing prompt

    The article from February 2012 asks “When did your love affair with writing begin?” When I was around seven years old, my little sister wanted me to tell her a story. I could have just picked one off the shelf to read her, but something made me want to write one instead. I had a […]


    Continuing on my journey with this amazing website. I’ve subscribed to the podcast and have been listening to it on my drive to and from work everyday. I’ve also gotten a few more articles in on my reading. So that brings us to… Progress Report • What obstacles have you faced over the past year? […]


    Recently I was reading a post by my favorite blogger, Kristen Lamb, and I clicked the link for DIY MFA. I feel like a giant nerd for getting so excited about what I read on the website, but I guess if the glasses fit. So, I click to the very first post so I can start […]