• A Girl as Pale as Snow

    Once upon a time, a young girl hid in a cave while monsters ravaged her parent’s house. She’d jumped from her bedroom window and run through the woods when she heard the screams. And now she heard the growls and messy sounds of teeth tearing flesh and she saw the smoke rise from the roof […]

  • My Nightmare

             The team gathered at the sight of the fire. James carried the boxes and trash bags to the card table Ben had set up. Nancy passed out the goggles, masks, and gloves. Rhonda sat with Ben at the table to pull the large rubber boots over her tennis shoes. I hung back by the […]

  • Attack at the Museum

                Jessica, Michelle, Steven, and Joel pushed a curtain aside and entered the last room of the museum. The walls curved up into a dome with rafters crossing the open area; the skylight highlighting the red rug in the center. Directly across from them was another curtain with the dull light of the EXIT sign […]

  • Monsters in Top Hats

    This week I’m back into the writing prompts from Now Write! and the one I’m working on has to do with monsters. As much as I like to sketch and color, I know I’m not a great artist, so I went to google for some inspiration.

  • Now Write Exercise Two

    Now Write Exercise Two – Jule Selbo Pick the clear genre (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, or thriller – I picked horror) The first scene needs to make it clear and also introduce the character List possible sub-genres to support your story (I picked paranormal) Frame the story in the overriding genre ** So I didn’t feel […]

  • Another Random Image Prompt

    This week I tried my hand at another exercise from the Now Write book and I decided I needed the help of some random images again. These are what Google gave me, come back Thursday to see what I ended up with.

  • Now Write Writing Exercise

    Writing exercise from NOW WRITE! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror exercise book. Exercise one, Steven Saus. Pick an image (I used a random image generator) Pick only one element of the image (I picked the broken tree in the background) Repeat for a cross idea (random image generator, I picked birds) Force the ideas together […]