• Story Cubes #7

    The Cubes: germ, dino fossil, snake, rain clouds, puzzle piece, crab, ladder, camera, speedometer *          Disclaimer: This one is going to be a little silly. Boyfriend helped me brainstorm after I rolled the dice and he said, “Look, it’s 2020. Just write about that.” So, it’s not necessarily a story this time, just blurbs.…

  • Story Cubes #6

    The Cubes: Shield, backpack, treasure chest, dino fossil, skull and crossbones, elephant, ax, laser gun, staircase to a hidden underground room.             Benny trudged through the trees and watched the ground. It had been days since he’d seen anything interesting and he was just about ready to call it and head back home. His feet…

  • Story Cubes

    Wrote a fun story with these cubes as inspiration! Check back Thursday to read it.

  • Story Cubes #5

             Jared sat in the holding cell with his head in his hands. He’d really screwed it up this time. What would people say now?          “Mr. Anderson, your parents are here.” The sheriff opened the cell door.          “I’m really sorry, sir,” Jared said as he walked past him.          “A little late for…

  • Story Cubes

    Wrote another short story with the cubes. Come back Thursday to check it out!

  • Story Cubes #4

    “Are you sure you’re supposed to get near that thing?” Sally asked.   Her brother, Jim, ignored her and hopped the fence into the strange garden. Right in the center stood a huge cactus. The only one he’d ever seen. He wanted to know how it could grow here, it wasn’t the right climate. The strange…

  • Story Cubes 4

    Short story using these dice as a prompt will be posted on Thursday. Come back then to check it out 😁

  • Story Cube #3

    Story Cubes: Circus tent, gears, beaker with liquid, jewel necklace, stressed face, exclamatory star, monkey, mountain cave entrance, and glasses.   “Bring the table over here,” Mademoiselle Fiona said. She pointed to the dimly lit corner of the tent and then grabbed her cushioned chair to follow behind her helper. She went back for her tattered suitcase…

  • Story Cube #2

    “Everyone clear on the plan?” Dad asked.  “Yup,” Mom said and I nodded.   “Okay, let’s get set. See you both at the boat.” Dad gave us each a hug and a kiss before he ducked under the flap of our tent.   “Good luck sweetie, I know you’ll do great.” Mom gave me a kiss too…

  • Story Cubes

    I rolled the dice and here are my story cubes for this weeks blog post. Come back Thursday to see what I came up with 🙂