Changes incoming

So, after my rant last week, I allowed for five minutes to feel sorry for myself. And then I worked on finding a solution.

I don’t have a set date when the changes will start yet, but here’s the plan so far.

First – My blog posts are going to be moving. The new hosting I’m going to use for my website doesn’t offer blogging. For my short stories and writing exercises, I will be on Medium @kylieraewriter. The updates will remain weekly. I haven’t decided which day of the week, but most likely it will remain Thursdays.
The other blogs I post, like these Tuesday updates and Saturday videos, will be moved to a Substack newsletter. I am also considering using Substack for my book thoughts and my retail rants.
My other blogs (like the editing tips or the excerpts from my nonfiction) I’m not sure yet. Those could end up on Medium as well. I’ll decide that when the time comes.

Second – I will move my website to a Site Arcade page. Site Arcade does all the work for you and builds a professional-looking author website. I’ve picked them because I’m not a computer wiz. I struggled to put this site together, and even though it looks okay, I know it could be better. I’ve been experimenting with the free trial and it looks really nice. I’m not sure when this change will happen because they haven’t rolled out the format I’m waiting for. It’s scheduled for some time this summer, so when they announce it, I’ll be able to put an official date on my move.

*Things I haven’t decided on yet*
I might not be anymore. I’m leaning towards Kylieraebooks or kylieraeauthor. But that is to be determined. If it is simple to switch the kylieraewriter to over there, I might stick with it. I’ve been using it as my brand for so long, I don’t know if I want to switch things up when I finally have a little traction.

Anyway. If you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear them. Especially on the change in my website name.

Come back Thursday to see what I thought about the books I read last month.

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