Death is a Roommate pt 4

A week went by without another incident. I knew Scott and Olivia were seeing each other, but they didn’t do anything under my nose. And even though the entire situation still creeped me out, I appreciated their discretion, so I didn’t bring it up.

Scott didn’t drop my casual mention of dying though. If I’d had any doubts about his real identity before now, they were dashed. He’d sneak up on me in the kitchen and whisper, “want to die today?” And then he’d giggle like a school girl and vanish while I clutched my chest and tried to catch my breath in the corner.

The jackass.

But other than the minor heart attacks he gave me, life was as normal as could be expected. I went to class during the day and work in the afternoon. He was rarely home for longer than a few hours at a time and we fell into a routine.

There was just one thing that I couldn’t get used to. Three o’clock in the morning was apparently his favorite time to blare his loud heavy metal music and be angsty.

He promised he’d soundproofed the apartment and none of our neighbors would complain to the office. But I didn’t understand why he couldn’t just soundproof his room!

So, here I was, at 3:15 in the morning, pounding on his door and trying to be heard over the music. Tears streamed from my eyes from the lack of sleep and the stress of my day. And when he finally opened the door, he looked genuinely concerned. Which, of course, made it worse.

“What’s the matter?” He put his arms out like he was going to hug me, but I stepped away.

“Just… turn it down please. Some of us do have to sleep, ya know.” I tried to turn away and go back to my room, but he grabbed my arm.

“Tabs,” he said. Even though I’d told him to quit calling me that several times. “Talk to me. My music doesn’t usually bring you to tears.”

I huffed a sigh and gave in. He led me to the couch and we sat down. I hugged a pillow to my chest and avoided looking him in the eye. This was going to sound so stupid and little to him. But he’d asked.

“I failed a test. And I thought I did a good job. But my professor didn’t agree with my argument in the essay section and now I have to write an extra paper to keep my grade up.”

Scott nodded with his lips pursed. “Well… I didn’t quite understand everything you said, but I’m sorry. Do you want me to kill him?”

“What! No!” I hit him with the pillow. But a grin tugged at my mouth and I wiped away the tears.

He shrugged. “Thought I’d offer. You haven’t taken me up on that at all since I moved in.”

“Yeah, cause I don’t want to kill people!”

He shrugged again. “You never know when having a death card up your sleeve could come in handy.”

I rolled my eyes and stood up. “Whatever. But no, I don’t need you to kill my professor. I’ll get it figured out. I’m just stressed and tired. So quit with the loud music.”

“Okay, you got it.”

I shuffled back down the hall to my room and thought about what killing my professor might actually accomplish. But I shoved that thought away as quick as it came. I needed to sleep and I wasn’t going to do it with death on my mind.

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