DIY MFA Prompt

                I’ve spent some time perusing old DIY MFA articles again and came across a few writing prompts.

  1. What are my writing successes for last year?

The post was all about being able to physically measure your success and achievements.

Solid numbers make a big difference instead of just “Oh, I wrote a draft of my story.”

In 2018 I

                *Wrote 31,381 words of creative content

                *Wrote 54 blog posts

                *Finished my short story/novella collection

                *Typed/edited 431 pages of script (either creative works or blog posts)

                *Read 45 books (and 5 stories on scribophile)

                *Forced my way through 134 hours of market/craft research

All of this while working a 52-60 hour a week job. I only fell behind in October in reaching my monthly goals. This was when I first found out I was pregnant and those first few weeks were brutal. Slept more than I did anything else probably.

                At the end of 2018 I also set up my author page on facebook. I felt a little bit like I was jumping the gun, since I don’t have anything published yet, but the support has already been awesome so I feel like I did the right thing.

  • What is on my writing wish list for this year?

Work wise, I would love to have my short story/novella collection selfpublished by the end of

this year. Similarly, I would like to complete the first draft of my new writing project and start the editing process. I’d also like to reach my goal of reading 50 books this year.

                On the other side of this, my wish list includes a lovely functional desk and comfy computer chair. Somewhere to organize all my work (that isn’t a milk crate) so that I can sit down and work and not have to pull random other binders and folders out in order to get to the correct folder. Somewhere to put my coffee warmer so my coffee won’t get cold over the morning of working.

                And of course, at least one hundred new pens and notebooks. An undisturbed hour at a bookstore once a month would be lovely. And time. Lots more time in a day.


What were your successes in 2018? Do you have a writing wish list?