DIY MFA writing prompt

The article from February 2012 asks “When did your love affair with writing begin?”

When I was around seven years old, my little sister wanted me to tell her a story. I could have just picked one off the shelf to read her, but something made me want to write one instead.

I had a little steno book with yellow pages and a big box of crayons. I asked my sister what she wanted the story to be about and then I went to work.

My first story was called “All in a Family” and had terrible illustrations of people and dogs. But I was so proud of myself. I even wrote a sequel. It was equally as bad, but what can I say? I was only seven.

But since those two little stories, I haven’t been able to stop writing.

In fifth grade I wrote a princess novella. In sixth grade I started so many different stories and wrote in all of my classes instead of paying attention. One of my teachers told me I could keep writing in her class as long as I dedicate one of my books to her. In seventh grade I finished my first full length novel and then it was like there was no stopping me. Once I knew I could finish one, I finished all of them that I started. I’ve now written eleven novels, countless short stories, a smattering of poems, and a memoir.

Next step is getting published.