Recently I was reading a post by my favorite blogger, Kristen Lamb, and I clicked the link for DIY MFA. I feel like a giant nerd for getting so excited about what I read on the website, but I guess if the glasses fit.

So, I click to the very first post so I can start at the beginning. All the way back to 2011 (wish I wasn’t so late to the party, but I’ll catch up.)

Weekend writing prompt #1: Where are you right now?


1- Do you read regularly? How many books per year, on average?

Yes! At least four books a month to reach my own personal goal, adds up to at least 48 a year. It’s usually more though, so I’d guesstimate 60 books a year.

2- What are your Top 3 preferred subjects or genres?

Horror, fantasy, and sci-fi

3- List the last 5 books/magazines you’ve read.

Mr. Mercedes, by Stephen King. Finders Keepers, by Stephen King. Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott. Deadlocked series, by A.R. Wise. Life After War series, by Angela White.


1- How long have you been writing regularly?

I started writing at age ten and wrote all the time until I was twenty. There were a few years that I stopped, feeling like I’d lost the ability, but after I removed myself from a toxic relationship, I started back up. I’ve made it a bigger priority in my life for the last five years.

2- Do you have a project you’re focusing on? Or are you experimenting with various things?

I’m currently in the final editing stages of a short story collection that I plan to self publish. I’m also working on a monster story that I post on my blog bit by bit.

3- How often do you write? Is your writing schedule regular or sporadic?

I used to have  regular schedule for all of my at home work (writing, editing, blogging, researching, and reading) but after the trying to find a new house and moving ordeal, it hasn’t been set back in stone yet. But I’ve been trying to get back into a routine. I write mostly on Thursday mornings and Wednesday evenings.


1- Do you belong to a writing group or have writer colleagues who read your work?

Not at this time, but I do have friends who read my work and they give me feedback.

2- Do you participate in workshops at conferences or other live or online events?

Not right now.

3- Do you take time to evaluate the feedback and implement what resonates with you into your work?

of course. I take all comments into consideration.


1- Do you have writer friends?

No, just reader friends.

2- Do you engage with other writers, either face to face or online?

Not at this time.

3- Are you a member of any writing associations?

Not at this time.