Expanding Horizons

My first attempt at a nonfiction book will be out in October. Which isn’t that far away, even though it feels like it is. And with that new avenue, I’ve been wondering if I should branch out and write in different genres. Like romance – even though I don’t think I’d do very good at it – is a hot seller. And maybe it would help me become a better writing to move outside my comfort zone. Or maybe YA. Since most of my early works are YA, I would just have to do the edits on those and then release them.

Who knows?

I have so many different ideas in my head. I suppose a pen name is the only way to go and I’ll just have to see what happens.

This Thursday, my post is a short story retelling of Snow White. Speaking of genre changes, haha. Fairy tale retellings are pretty popular, and I’ve enjoyed reading several. I hope you enjoy my attempt.