Even the Moon Shines too Bright

Late at night, in the middle of Fall,

You may see the moon’s light shining bright

Through the trees. Around these leaves,

If you wait for morning, you will catch the sunrise.

During this twilight, you will see you’ve made it to tomorrow

And are quite ready for the time to change.


In that early morning breeze, you may feel the change

From autumn to winter. Soon all the leaves will fall

And the snow will cover the ground. Maybe not tomorrow,

But soon. Today, however, the sun will shine bright

As the moon tonight, and you will watch the sunrise

In anticipation for the day. Bathe in it before it leaves


Again for night. Don’t waste your time raking the leaves,

Just let them be. Watch how their colors slowly change

To the beautiful orange and yellow colors of the sunrise.

Bask in the splendor and calm that come with the fall

And take a deep breath. Take pleasure in how the light is so bright

And don’t stop adoring the day until the night. Tomorrow


You will start all over. Some people always look for tomorrow,

But you should live in today. Breathe before your time leaves

You. Don’t survive by making plans, let your light shine bright

Like the moon before it goes out. Maybe try to change

The world, but don’t let your own goals fall

Between the cracks. Grip each day and don’t let go until the next sunrise


You see. Let yourself shine. Take the time to watch the sunrise

But don’t get caught up. There won’t always be tomorrow

To look forward to. This may be your final fall

And winter. Or maybe not. But know your life leaves

You eventually-and it could be today. Don’t change

Or prepare, just live. Your light will shine bright


Within you. Until it doesn’t. Tonight see the bright

Light of the moon and wait for the slow burn of sunrise

To come. As the seasons flow, watch how the change

In the world overtakes the trees. Not today or tomorrow,

But soon it will be winter. For now watch through the leaves

As the moon glows in the sky in this beautiful night in fall.


As the change from tonight into tomorrow,

Watch the bright moon fade into the sunrise

And count the leaves as they begin to fall.