Girl Pants are Lame

I’ve recently swayed to the leggings are life team. And here’s why

Girl pants are the absolute worst. They never fit properly. If you’re short with curves, you always end up with pants that are too long. If you have a thin waist but big thighs, you can’t get your pants to go up all the way without doing a crazy dance. If you’re tall and thin, just forget about it.

And the pockets. Or I guess I should say the lack thereof. Since when was it okay for girl pants to not have pockets on the front? But not only are they not there, the stitching is there for you to be tricked into thinking it’s a real pocket. But no. And even if there are pockets, you can’t put anything in them except maybe a tube of chap stick. And even that’s going to stick out halfway. (This is all a scam by designers to make you have to buy a purse or some other kind of accessory. The pants aren’t expensive enough on their own apparently)

I had to buy a pair of pants yesterday for a work meeting. Dumb experience and I just wanted a candy bar afterward for having to suffer through it. Pants are dumb. They don’t fit right, they aren’t comfortable, and they don’t have pockets that are even functional. I hate them.

Leggings for life.