I’m Writing A Series

My current writing project is a series. I’m looking at at least four books to run the plot through. But this is going to be my first series I’ve ever written and so I’ve been looking at all the tips and tricks to doing it effectively. One of the most talked about ideas is creating a series bible.

I’m only a few chapters in to my first book, but I thought it was better now than later to get this series bible going. I don’t want to risk forgetting important details. It will also help me with the world-building. As an underwriter, my first draft is usually pretty bare bones with details, anyway. So I’m going to get going on my series bible to help me flesh out more details that I can plug into the second draft.

And on that note, I thought I’d link to a helpful article on creating a series bible from one of my favorite websites, DIY MFA. If any of you are writing a series, I hope you find it useful.