Imaginary Friends pt 3

The Johnson’s moved to the neighborhood at the end of May. The wife, Tanya, the husband, Lucas, and their six-year-old son, Martin. They moved into the big blue house with the white pillars on the wrap-around porch.

My mother always loved that house. But I’d never known anyone to actually live there. My whole childhood, the grass would grow taller and taller until one of the men from the city would come take care of it. And the windows were always dark and there was never once a car in the driveway. But my mother always loved that house.

And then one day, the Johnson’s moved in. And I was so excited to meet the little boy. I was the only kid on the whole street and never had anyone to play with during the summer. And I didn’t even care that I’d be three years older than Martin.

My mother made me wait three whole days before going to say hi. Tanya Johnson answered the door and smiled at me.

“Hello, there.”

“Hi! I’m Cici. I live over there.” I pointed to my house across the street. “I saw your kid in the yard and wanted to see if he could come play with me.”

“Well, hi Cici.” She knelt down so she could look me in the eye. I loved when adults did that. “I’m Tanya Johnson. My little boy is named Martin. And I’m sure he would love to play with you, but he’s at the store with his dad right now.”

“Oh, okay.”

“But I’ll tell him you said hello and send him over tomorrow if that’s okay?”

I nodded my head vigorously. “That would be great.”

“Okay. It was very nice to meet you, Cici.”