Life Changes

Up until a week ago, I was living with my best friends.

Our lease was coming to an end and for a month and a half we were trying to find a new house to move into. We searched, we viewed, we applied and we came up with nothing. We did everything right. We had all the money we needed saved up. We planned ahead. Everything. And still we ended up with nothing.

So now we’re all back with parents. We’re all in our mid twenties and had to move back in with our parents. Not because we couldn’t handle adulthood and bills and all that. Just because the only other option was being homeless. It’s disappointing and a little ridiculous. We’re all capable of living on our own, it just didn’t work out that way. Every house we applied for had someone get there first and then when it came down to the deadline there just weren’t any houses left in our price range.

Sure, we could have got separate apartments, but no one wants to go back to that after living in an actual house. Besides, apartments are almost more expensive than a house. Which is insane.

We all moved our stuff and cleaned out the house and then had to say goodbye. Obviously we’ll still see each other when we can, but we all have such different work schedules that the only real way we hung out was because we lived in the same house and would see each other before or after our shifts. It’s not reasonable to drive over to someone else’s house at 11pm to have a quick chat over a beer before driving 30 minutes in the other direction to go to bed.

This sucks.

But since I’m always one to try to find the silver lining, at least we all get to save that money for awhile this way. Maybe in six months we’ll be able to just buy a house and not have to move anymore. Fingers crossed.