New Book Alert!

Back at the beginning of the year, I made a game plan to achieve multiple goals this year. One of those goals was to release another collection of short stories. And it’s ready! Spoiler alert, it’s stories that were previously published on this blog, but with another run through of edits to make sure they’re nice and polished. Since when I do a writing exercise, I usually only run through it once before posting it on here.

            I picked my favorites from the exercises I have done in the past and I will release them under the title ALL SIGNS POINT TO HELL volume one. Why volume one? Well, because I’m going to do this every year from now on. I know not everyone reads blogs, so I figure if I release some of my stories as an e-book every year, I’ll be able to get my words out to more people. And that’s just exciting.

            I dug deep into the past for the first one, The Children. I published it on here in three parts. It explores a world where a hungry demon appears without warning to feed and leave all witnesses questioning their sanity.

            Experiment TCA-276 delves into the possible dreadful outcomes of medical testing. It could cure cancer, or it could turn its test subjects into monsters.

            A Cursed Witch paints a gruesome picture of what an angry and exiled woman might do with her free night from the mountain.

            And five ghost stories to chill you to the bone when you think of what might live in your house with you.


            I hope you pick up a copy this Sunday, February 28th! Available for pre-order now, on Amazon. Thank you all for your support over the years. This book is definitely dedicated to all of my followers.

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