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Another lovely Tuesday has arrived. And even though I wish I was still in bed sleeping, I’m here updating you lovely people 馃檪

I’m excited to announce my nonfiction book is up for preorder on amazon. Waiting on the cover design, but I wanted to have the amazon page ready. So, if you followed along with my book plotting tips and want a copy of the full book, head over to amazon and get you a copy. The book goes live on October 1st. Just in time to prepare for NANOWRIMO.

Also, a few updates for Until I Wake. I’ve added the hardcover edition to the amazon page, and the ebook is now available on google books! If either of those appeals to you, you can click here and check it out. Speaking of Until I Wake, it is currently sitting at #505 in American Horror! And that’s the coolest thing I’ve seen all day!

That’s all I have for you today. Next month I’ll have updates on the next fiction launch. The Sweet Water Affliction (available for preorder now at the low price of $2.99) will come out on November 30th. And some bonus scenes will be available in the next few weeks for anyone interested in getting a sneak peek at the action.

Thursday you’ll find the next installment of the Death is a Roommate story. Thanks for reading!

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