On to the Next Book

My new book came out on Saturday!

But now it’s time to push forward with the next books on the horizon.

On October 1st, I will be releasing my first attempt at a nonfiction book. It’s all about my method of plotting my books. I’ve given a few sneak peaks at that process on here over the last few months, but I’ve compiled it into a complete book and am on the last round of edits. It will hopefully be a part of a nonfiction series that I’m calling Brainstorm to Book. When the preorder is set up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Following that release will be the launch of my next fiction novel. It is a sci-fi/speculative fiction adventure involving alternate dimensions and evil scientists. The Sweet Water Affliction is already up for preorder on amazon and will be available November 30th.

And if you were among those that picked up a copy of Until I Wake, I do hope you enjoy it and consider leaving me a review.