One Year with Baby!

I have a one year old! I still can’t believe it. He’s so big. It’s crazy how tiny he started out and now he’s such a chunker. He feeds himself, he says a handful of words, he can walk along the couch like a pro, and he’s taken two or three steps on his own. He’s also a little troublemaker. He knows he can’t play with our phones or the TV remote, so if we leave it within his reach, he’ll snatch it up, give a little evil “ha ha!” and try to run away with it. It’s the cutest.  

Little man is also super clingy. If he can’t see you, he’ll screech until you look over at him. If you’re on the couch, you better pat his head or hold his hand every few seconds or here comes the screech again. He loves hugs and snuggles. Unless it’s actually bed time, then it’s crawl away as fast as he can.  

Juggling life has gotten easier though. I’ve been back on track with all of my writing goals. He plays with toys on his own now and naps regularly so I can schedule my work around his habits to get more done. This has relieved a lot of my stress. I’ve also been able to exercise regularly again. Not only does this make me feel better physically, it’s a great stress release that I’ve been missing.  

I just can’t believe an entire year has gone by though. It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago that I brought the tiny dude home. He was so small I could hold him in one arm. Now he’s so big and squirmy you have to hold him with both hands or he’s going to escape. I love his little face so much and I don’t know what I would do without him. Besides sleep more, of course. 😊