Planners and Planning

I am obsessed with notebooks and planners and fancy pens. I also love to make lists, set goals, and create plans of action, and check things off those lists and plans. As such, I have been hunting for the perfect planner for years. The last few years, I’ve just created my own with plain notebooks and templates. This process can be very tedious, but I find joy in the work. It’s another outlet for me to pour my creativity into.

I thought I’d talk through my perfect planner that I’ve made for myself hoping someone else might find it useful.

I have three small notebooks that fit into a folio together. The first notebook has my goals for the year broken down into categories; personal, home/family, fitness, career, budget, and travel. I take my goals a step further and break them down into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. I list these out and then have space at the back of the notebook to compare the beginning of the year with the end of the year. This takes up half the first notebook. The second half is used to make plans for holidays or birthdays.

The other two notebooks divide the year in half. The first half of theses are pages dedicated to the months. Each month has specific cleaning or budgeting pages and then space for my tasks for each month. The second half of the notebook are weekly pages with space for my daily tasks and other to do lists.

I find it very helpful to stay on track with my goals to break things down into bite size pieces. For example, reaching word count goals. I set the goal for my current writing project to 50k words by December 31st. I only have one day a week to dedicate to writing, so I divided the 50k words by how many weeks that was and knew exactly how many words I needed to write each week and could write it in my tasks sections. The same goes for my editing work, reading, and even working on my blog.

Now, even though I have enjoyed making my own planners, if anyone knows of one available that is similar to this general layout, I’d love to try it out, so send me all the links.

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