Until I Wake


Thriller/Suspense E-book

Whitney thought starting over in a new place would change her life for the better.

She couldn’t have been more wrong.

Whitney uproots her life to move from Texas to Oklahoma to be near her best friend again. With her great new job and a cute boy in her life, everything seemed to be on the up and up. She’s even made new friends, something her shyness has never allowed her to do before.

Too soon, tragedy finds her again and her mental illness returns to weigh on her shoulders. She’s battled this before, what could be so different now?

The gun. She can’t stop thinking about the gun.

It’s worse this time, and she refuses to let anyone help. She wants to be the strong one for once. Why can’t she just be strong?

The gun.

Another accident, and another, hitting closer and closer to home. Are they really accidents? What’s going on in this quiet little town?
The stress and her ever-present panic push her beneath the surface.
How many innocents will she drag down with her?

Pick up your copy of Until I Wake to find out.


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