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I believe my next nonfiction book will be about productivity. In general and for writers in particular. I’ve always been a “go-getter” and an “overachiever” and when I set my mind to something, it gets done. My list writing skills are to be marvelled at. Or so I’ve been told. Naturally, that makes me think I might have something to say on the matter.

I thought I’d begin by a summary or tactics to see if the idea really holds weight.

The number one way to achieve things is to set goals. Specific goals. Goals that can be broken down into steps and require work and effort. Nothing that depends on luck or chance. When I say I’m going to publish four books this year, I mean to publish four books this year. And the only thing that will stop me is not putting in the work to get them done.

When you have the specific goal in mind, you also have to set a deadline. Be it the end of this year, or the end of this month. There has to be an end in sight or else you’ll be spinning your wheels forever. I decided on the four specific release dates of my four books last year and worked towards them.

Once you have the goal and the deadline, make a list of the tasks required to achieve the goal and break them down into weeks or days. Schedule the time to put in the work. I write a certain amount of words on Thursdays, I edit a certain amount of chapters on Wednesdays and Fridays, and I format and promote on Mondays. In this way, I can track the speed at which I can write, edit, and release a book.

And the last thing – put your butt in the seat and show up to the times you’ve scheduled to get the work done.

I know that’s a really rough overview, but now that it’s out of my head, I can expand on it. If you’d like to see this fleshed out and in book format, let me know in a comment.


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