Progress not Perfection

At the end of every month, I tally up all my work. As I’ve progressed through my writing life, I’ve set higher and higher goals for myself and this was when I would find out how I measured up. Recently, though, I’ve found that it wasn’t as important to count every single word. Instead, I now tally up by project. I set goals for each thing I’m working on, and then I divide up the work for over four weeks. Because word count is a lot different from pages edited, or chapters put through pro-writing aid, or time spent on marketing. But this is all positive growth.

Something I’m very proud of for the month of August is my reading. I’ve talked each month about how I’ve depended on audiobooks to reach my goals and haven’t had enough time for physical reading. I don’t think audiobooks are cheating or that they’re any less of a “real” book. But I am thrilled to say that I finished two e-books and two paperbacks this month. And I hope to keep this forward momentum working.

ALSO I’ve already reached my reading goal of fifty-five books for the year. And I am tentatively hoping I can get to 100 before the end of the year. That’s a pretty high leap, I know, but I’m aiming for it anyway.

Come back Thursday to read about my thoughts on the books I read this month 🙂