Retail Life #18


When I am holding my hand out, put the money IN MY HAND not on the counter.

Maybe if you took your hand out of your pocket you could put your stuff on the counter easier.

When I double bag something, don’t take it out of the second bag. Its going to break. And now it’s going to be your fault.

If you ask me if we carry an item, and I say no, the following responses are not correct;

  • Do you even know what it is? *If I didn’t know what it was, I would have asked you*
  • It’s like (explains the item in a different way) *No, we still don’t have it*
  • Could it be in the back?  *If we don’t carry it, no it’s not in the back*
  • Well, I’m just going to keep looking *Yes, you know more about my store than me, I’m sure you’ll find it*

When I’m wearing a red shirt, a name tag, and actively working on something in the store, please don’t ask me if I work here. I will be forced to tell you no out of irritation.

If you ask me where something is and I tell you, don’t go in the opposite direction. When I say, “down the chip aisle,” don’t pass the chip aisle. When I say, “no, come back, this one with the chips,” don’t stare at me like I’m the idiot. The chips are visible. It’s an entire aisle of chips.

Please quit acting shocked when the next holiday’s merchandise is in the store before it’s time. This is not new. You’ve been shopping for long enough to know that we will receive Easter crap before Valentine’s day has passed. It’s not just us. Every store is like this. Some people do this crazy thing where they buy ahead of time. Not everyone waits until the week of.

Don’t get mad at me when I catch you stealing. That’s just silly.

Parents, please teach your children how to act at the register. If they come up with $3 and their total is $5.41, and they stare at me blankly as I try to explain why they need to put something back, I’m blaming you. On the other end of that, if their total is $5 and they start to count the money, then give up and just hand me a wad of cash (that’s waaaayyyy more than they need to give me) I’m also going to blame you. And the education system. Because if you’re ten or older, you should know that if your total is $5 you only need to give me $5. Not $8 or $12 or your whole handful of money. Come on.

Another thing, parents, quit letting your kids destroy the store. If they’re opening everything they see or throwing stuff on the floor, STOP THEM. It’s really not that hard. Put them in the shopping cart if they won’t listen. If they’re too big to fit in the cart, they should know better. And if they don’t know better, it’s because you didn’t show them at an earlier age how to act in public. Quit letting your kids get away with everything. It’s not cute.

Maybe I’m just extra short tempered lately because the baby isn’t sleeping enough, but people just seem to be getting on my nerves more than usual. It couldn’t possibly just be that people are the worse. That’s not it. Definitely not.