Retail Life 33

         I spend a lot of time in my retail rants talking about people that are rude, nasty, and inconsiderate. But once in a while there are some good people. And I feel like that means I should talk about them sometimes, too. Just to let you know that it’s not all bad. Just a lot of bad. Haha.

         I have regular customers that I love. They’re always nice to me, they’re understanding when it’s busy or the register messes up, they joke about whatever is going on, and they don’t destroy the store when they shop. They’re the ones I don’t mind seeing at the door before we open and the ones I don’t mind rushing in right before closing. Because I know they’re going to be considerate.

         A few stories in particular to hopefully bring a smile to your face;

         A woman that’s shopped there for years always tells me how pretty my hair is. Even when I know it’s a rats’ nest. She thinks the red is just gorgeous. And she makes me smile every time she says so. She also always asks about my tiny human and has bought be random outfits for him.

         An older couple that comes in at least twice a week always wants to help. They’ve brought plates of food up to us when we had to work on holidays or just when they happened to be having a barbecue or party. They’ve also offered to get me things I needed for the tiny. They brought me a cool stroller that their daughter no longer needed, and they like to check in and make sure everyone is healthy and doing well in general.

         An old man that everyone else thought was just a grump, but I made him laugh one day and now I’m his favorite. He’ll joke with me about his breakfast (the six-pack of beer he’s buying) and it’s a pleasant start to my day.

         And other less specific people, the ones that always help with our sales contest of the month even if they don’t want the candy we’re selling. Or the people who come tell me when someone is trying to shoplift or kids are tearing up the toy aisle. The ones that bring me the broken thing off the floor instead of just leaving it for others to hurt themselves on. The ones that will tell me something spilled, or a cooler is leaking.

         Because I have some good customers. Majority of them, probably. They just don’t stick out as much as the ones that decide to scream about expired coupons or ‘misleading’ signs. But they’re there. They exist and they’re the reason I’ve stayed at my job for so long. Because I would have gone somewhere else if I really was as miserable as I sound on these rants. But deep down, I do like the job I have. I just wish more people had common sense.