Retail Life 35

A quick retail rant because I’m not feeling very creative today…

One: if you misread a sign and I’m trying to explain to you what it’s supposed to be, don’t cuss me out and storm off. Sign reads “Buy 2 get 1 free, tanks, shorts and sandals.” You buy two pairs of PANTS and a tank top, the sale doesn’t apply. *Eye roll* but I don’t want to help you now anyway, because you yelled at me. Have a nice day.

Two: Why is it that insecure men think that if they don’t get their way, or hear an answer, they didn’t like they immediately insult a person’s appearance? What does my level of attractiveness have to do with the situation? If I was hot, would you be less mad I told you the bathroom was broken?

Because it was about the bathroom! Again! Because it’s STILL BROKEN.

Him: Where’s your restroom?

Me: I’m sorry, it’s out of order.

Him: Psh, yeah. Whatever. *Starts to walk away* It’s not broken. Psh. *More incoherent grumbling.*

Me (because I’m petty): You have a nice day sir!

Him: Kiss my ass!

Me: I’ll get right on that!

*Employee standing next to me busts out laughing*

Him: Ugly ass bitch!


Like….sorry? Whatever. Not going to waste any more brain power on that one.

That’s all for today. I’m tired and my brain is wrung out. Been going a million miles an hour on all my projects, but it should start clearing up soon.

*Side note* If you’ve loved any of my short stories this year and would like to see them in my next edition of All Signs Point to Hell, please let me know in a comment!