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If you’ve worked in retail, you’ve had regular customers you loved, you liked, and the ones you couldn’t stand. I’m talking about the ones when you see them walking towards the door you’re already irritated and cringing because you know they’re going to cause a problem.

So, we have one customer that comes in every Friday and tries to do multiple transactions so she can get cash back multiple times (like up to $150) and then when we tell her we can’t do it; she gets mad. Every. Friday.

I mostly just don’t understand why she does this. Yes, maybe her bank isn’t in town. But we charge a fee for cash back, so the fact that she has to do three transactions to get $150, and the fee is $1.60 each time… why wouldn’t she just use the ATM? One transaction, one fee. No one arguing about the amount.

But anyway. The other day she came in, did the cash back thing. Got told no after the first $50. Got mad. Whatever. Walked past me (because she knows I’m the manager) and asked me to come outside so she could talk to me. We go outside and this is the conversation:

Her: So, do you all have a problem with me shopping here?
Me: No?
Her: Well, I just feel like every time I come in here, there’s a problem.
Me: Well, every time you come in here you want a bunch of cash back and sometimes we can’t do it.
Her: But you don’t have a sign up saying that.
Me: We don’t have to have a sign. If you ask and we say no, that’s the sign. But you always get mad when we say no.
Her: I just feel like it’s personal.
Me: It’s not personal. Plenty of people want cash back and sometimes we have to tell them no, too. And they get mad too. It’s not just you.
Her: *Rolls her eyes* And I put in an application to work here. Was I not qualified or something?
Me: You were only available after 6 on weeknights. I can’t work with that availability.
Her: So it is personal.
Me: No? I just can’t work with that availability. Plus, I don’t like that every time you talk about working here, you say you have a ‘real job’ during the day. From my experience, people who feel that way won’t treat this like a real job.
Her: So like I said, it’s personal.
Me: You can feel that way if you want, but it’s not.
Her: I knew you were going to say that.
Me: I have to get back to work now. Have a nice day.

*Face palm* I don’t even know what I was supposed to say. She’s a regular, yes. And she acts that way every time she comes in. But we don’t treat her any differently. We aren’t mean to her. We don’t pick on her or refuse her help. The only thing is when she wants to pull her whole paycheck out of our registers and we tell her no and then she wants to argue. But like I said, she isn’t the only one who does that. She’s just the only one that makes it such a big deal every time. So, I guess it is personal. To her. She takes it personally every time.

Makes me think I should hire her just so she could have five minutes behind the cash register because she’s clearly never been a cashier anywhere if she can really think it’s all about her when we tell her no. But I don’t want to put up with that on the daily.


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