Retail Life episode 2

Going on the eight-year mark in retail and all I really want to know is why?

Why is it so hard for people to find things in my store? It’s really not that big of a store and there are signs on the walls to give you a good idea of what direction you need to go in. I’ve only ever asked for help in a store when I have looked everywhere I could possibly think of. I needed ice trays, I found the kitchen aisle. I looked all over at everything on the shelves and even read the labels on the empty spots. After I couldn’t find it on my own, I asked. Not as soon as I walked in the door.

Door opens.



Not even as a question.

Or the other scenario where they ask for three things in a row and I just know they’ll be back in a minute to ask me again since they didn’t listen to the instructions.

Or it’s even better when the door opens and they walk straight down the middle aisle, shouting over their shoulder, “Where’s the automotive?”

And I wait till they stop walking and turn around expectantly because I don’t see a point in telling them directions when they aren’t even listening. And I tell them it’s in the opposite direction of where they were going and they get all frustrated like it’s my fault they went the wrong way.

Or when they come up to me with something already in their hands to ask where something else is. For example, they have a notebook and pens in their basket and come up to ask where the envelopes are. You’d think it would be common sense those items would be all together in the same aisle. But what do I know?

Sometimes I just want to know how they’ve gotten through their life so far without seriously injuring themselves. Is it just a side effect of my store? Do they walk in and suddenly lose all sense of how to do things for themselves? Or do they act like that in other stores too?

One day I’m worried I will finally have had enough and snap on these people. Hopefully, I have another job lined up when that day comes.