Retail Life Episode 13

                I went back to work last week and it’s been rough. I really took for granted how accustomed to it I was. After being at home for ten weeks and spending most of that time sitting on the couch or at my desk, going back to standing and walking all day was hard. Aside from that, it was also ridiculously tough to leave my tiny baby for eight hours at a time. It doesn’t help that every customer wants to see pictures of him and it makes me miss him even more.  Even the customers that don’t really like me were excited to see me back and wanted to look at pictures.

                But anyway. An example of the customer not being right.

                On Wednesday of last week, a lady came in and went to my hostess rack. I was doing paperwork, but I heard her moving packages around for a few minutes.

She then came up to the counter and asked, “Do you have any more chocolate cake twinkies?”

Now, seeing as how I heard her over by the rack, I figured we must be out on the shelf. So, I looked over the overstock behind the counter and then said, “No, all we have is what’s on the shelf. The candy truck comes on Friday.”

We discuss the truck time and when the hostess cakes should be put up by and then she left. Later on, I walk around the counter and see there’s a full box of chocolate cake twinkies on the shelf. I roll my eyes and go about my day.

Friday. Our candy truck is late. They’re scheduled at 2pm and don’t show up until 3:45. But of course, the lady shows up at 2:30, as we’d discussed. I point out the box of chocolate cake twinkies on the shelf before she has time to ask.

“No, I don’t want those ones. I want chocolate cake with frosting. I said chocolate cake with frosting.”

*No you didn’t.* “We don’t carry those ones. These are the only hostess cakes we sell.”

“Well I bought them here before.” *No you didn’t.* “Has your truck come yet?”

So, then I have to explain that the truck is late and I don’t know when it will be there because no one has called to tell me. She doesn’t like this information at all, because it is obviously my fault that they’re late, and she storms out.

Now, to be sure, I asked my assistant if we’d gotten chocolate cake twinkies with frosting while I was out on leave. He assured me that we didn’t, because he would have ate them all 😊