Retail Life Episode 9

“Is this all you have left?”

Every last minute shopper on any holiday

So the holiday season has come and past and my favorite question to be asked will be dropped for awhile. (Until Vday and Easter come around, then we just start the vicious cycle all over again.) 

I understand that not everyone can shop ahead of time. That’s fine. Paychecks don’t line up or you just forgot someone was attending your party. Whatever the case may be, you don’t get to be mad at the retail workers because there’s not a large selection on the day before (or the DAY OF) a holiday. We’ve probably had the displays set up for months and you’ve come in and seen it. You’ve said it was cute or you needed one, etc. But you never picked it up. 

It takes all of my self control to not yell “IT’S TODAY!” at these people. 

Disclaimer: Cute and interesting things do not stay on the shelf for long! Buy it when you see it or it will be GONE. 

Don’t get mad at me 

  • When you come in on Christmas Eve looking for ornament hooks and they’re all gone  
  • When you saw those adorable “Baby’s first Christmas” stockings back in November and just decided to buy one the morning of Christmas
  • When all the trees that are left the week before are the ones missing branches and are less than fluffy
  • When the batteries are dead in the “try me!” toys that have been on the shelf since August
  • When all the “good candy canes” are gone 
  • When ALL the candy canes are gone

No one likes to be told that we’ve had that particular item for months and then sold the last one the day before they needed one. 

“Do you have those flashing light up necklaces?” -We sold the last one yesterday.- “Already?”

Already? We had them back in October when you were mad Christmas was already on the shelves. 

But it’s fine. It’s over. Now I can look forward to selling out of boxes of chocolates for Valentines day and getting yelled at the day of 🙂