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Hey, I’m still here and still in retail. Still testing my patience every day. Trying to keep my cool in the face of ignorance and stubbornness. The refusal to believe maybe they read the sign wrong and it could possibly, maybe not be my fault.


So, we are all aware of the way things have been going lately in the world, right? Prices of pretty much everything have gone up, and no one is making more money to compensate for the difference. It is a struggle across the board. Yes? Yes.

I’ve been putting up price change labels so often, I can barely keep up. And it’s frustrating to me, it’s frustrating to the customer, it’s just frustrating. Especially because it doesn’t seem to ever be all the labels I need at any given time. I can put up thirteen pages of price changes and then the next thing I ring up is 25 cents off what the shelf says.

Most people have been pretty understanding about it and I will adjust the price when needed because it is only fair to charge the price as advertised. So, there’s a little rant about just job life at the moment. But on to what really irritated me.

I had a customer call one evening and here’s how the conversation went.

Customer: Do you guys price match?
Me: No, I’m sorry, we don’t.
Customer: Okay. Well, I usually buy my son’s overnight pullups from there and they’re usually $9.95. Everywhere I shop they’re usually $9.95. But last night when I came in there, they went up to $13.
Me: Okay…
Customer: But then I went down to *other store in town* and they’re still $9.95.
Me: Okay…
Customer: So, did the price go up?
Me: Yes, ma’am. The prices have gone up on a lot of stuff lately.
Customer: So, you guys can just change prices like that whenever you want?
Me: Yes, corporate can decide to change prices based on whatever information they have.
Customer: That’s just ridiculous. How come *other store in town* didn’t change their price then?
Me: Well, I can’t speak for another company about how they adjust prices. I only know what I’m told at our company to do.
Customer: So you don’t price match then?
Me: No. We don’t price match.
Customer: Well, then I’ll just shop at *other store in town* from now on.
Me: Great. Have a nice day.

I understand the frustration on an everyday item, a necessity, having its price increased. I really do. But it’s not the people in the store’s fault. And to take it out on that person is just unreasonable. And I’m sorry, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before *other store in town* also has their prices go up. It’s happening everywhere. But it is the supplier charging more to the company and then the company having to make up the deficit. Nothing to do with the cashier. Because I guarantee that cashier’s pay didn’t go up. I don’t know about other companies, but ours isn’t in a hurry to pay anyone extra money; so that cashier you yell at for price changes is just as inconvenienced as you are. Please take the attitude somewhere else.

Ugh. Okay. Rant over. Have a good day everyone, haha.

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