Senses Exercise Number 2

         In my current writing project I’ve been making a conscious effort to describe the setting, and I think I’ve been doing a much better job already just by putting it at the front of my mind. So, to keep that momentum going, I’m taking another shot at a writing exercise from the Thesaurus of the Senses. Exercise number ten says “describe how you feel when you unexpectedly get caught in a storm (rain, wind, or snow.)” I’m gonna give it a shot.

         The temperature dropped within a few seconds. The wind came next and sent a chill up my spine. Goosebumps rose on my arms and I hugged my sweater tighter around my body. The breeze brought the scent of autumn leaves to my nose and eased my panic for a moment. But overhead, the clouds were menacing in a way I had never seen before, and the anxiety of the moment returned. Bile crept up my throat as I looked around for a place to hide. Thunder rumbled across the sky and I quickened my steps. Before I’d gone two feet, however, fat raindrops pelted onto my head. The sky released the downpour like an explosion, and I was soaked through only a moment later. No point in running for cover, especially since there wasn’t any cover to be seen, I trudged along and tried to keep the water out of my eyes.

         I think I covered all the bases, but the pacing seems a bit off. I’ll tinker with it and maybe repost it with an updated version. This one I’ll have to keep for a project. Never know when the main character will find themselves caught in a storm. What do you guys think? Where could I have elaborated more on the details?