Story Cube #2

“Everyone clear on the plan?” Dad asked. 

“Yup,” Mom said and I nodded.  

“Okay, let’s get set. See you both at the boat.” Dad gave us each a hug and a kiss before he ducked under the flap of our tent.  

“Good luck sweetie, I know you’ll do great.” Mom gave me a kiss too before she left too.  

I took a deep breath and picked up my toy whip. Then I charged out and ran to the road. The guard stood near the side entrance of the bank. I put on my most worried expression and approached him.  

“Hey, mister! Hey, mister!” I tugged on the hem of his jacket until he looked down at me. 

“What is it, kid?” 

“Have you seen my elephant?”  

“You’re what?” He knelt down next to me. “Are you lost? Where are your parents?” 

“My elephant. Have you seen it?” I smacked my whip against the ground.  

The guard scratched his head and frowned. “Um…” But he was cut off by a rush of sound from down the street. “What the – “  

Trumpets blared and a pounding drum echoed around the buildings. Anyone on the sidewalks turned to stare as a masked woman riding an elephant emerged from a side street.  

“My elephant!” I yelled.  

The guard ignored me and took off after my mom. Moments later, my dad climbed out the window next to me with the treasure chest in hand.  

“Good work. Let’s get to the dock.”  

We ran for two blocks and then slowed to not draw attention to ourselves. We rounded a corner and mom joined us. 

“That was close. He was faster than I thought he’d be. But I’m pretty sure he’s still following the elephant,” she said and tossed her mask away.  

“Good. There’s the boat.” 

We reached the dock and climbed onto our little motorboat. The engine roared to life and Dad steered us away from the dock. Mom tucked the treasure chest below deck and I settled into the seat to watch the waves.  

Dark clouds rolled across the sky and pressure filled the air, but no rain fell on us yet. Dad was focused on the horizon, a smile plastered to his face.  

“Is that going to be a problem?” Mom asked when she reemerged and saw the sky. 

“Nah. Jim’s got the ship up ahead. We’ll be aboard it before this storm can really take hold.” 

“Alright.” Mom sat next to me and held my hand. We watched the sun set and the sky grew darker.  

Fat raindrops smacked into the deck, but we’d already pulled up alongside Jim’s ship.  

“All aboard!” my dad’s friend shouted down at us.