• Nonfiction Launch

    Just a quick update today. My first attempt at nonfiction will be available to the public tomorrow! If you enjoyed any of my posts on writing craft or my tips on brainstorming, I hope you consider picking up a copy. Thank you all for your support over the years 🙂

  • Playing With Cover Design

    On Thursday I talk about some of the things I do when I’m brainstorming a book. One of which is playing around with a cover design. Here is the design I made on canva (next to the beautiful final one my designer made)

  • Book Binder Layout

             This year I’ve taken on another type of writing project; a non-fiction book on the writing process. My original outline for this had literally every step of the journey, and I realized that it would be waaayyyy too much for one book. So, I pruned it down and thought I’d go one step at…

  • Plotting Resources

    I’ve read soooo many books that have helped me develop my writing process, but these three were the main ones that helped me with plotting. On Thursday I go into more detail about my plotting routine.