• An Apology to my Characters

  • Memorable Characters

  • Writing Tips 5

             As I plot out my next book and finish up the first draft of my writing tips project, I keep coming back to the subject of character development. Because we all know that the most important part of any book is who the stuff happens to. If no one cares about your main character,…

  • Character Sheets

    A sneak preview at my favorite character questions. I go more in depth on Thursday 😁 Find the full info here.

  • Character Development

    We all know how much I love Reedsy, so here’s a video about their tips on creating your characters for your books!

  • Writing Tips 4

    I’m deep into the plotting of my new series that I hope to write in the next year. And as I’ve been working through my plotting process in real time, I’ve been making notes to include in the book I hope to have out this fall and thought I’d compile a bit of it here…

  • Character Time

    This week I’m going to talk about how I discover my characters when plotting a book. And I have a super hot tip on how to handle writers block! Check back on Thursday to read about it!