• Imaginary Friend

    Marjorie Mullens flipped a pancake in one pan and mixed shredded cheese into the scrambled eggs in the pen on the back burner. She tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and checked on the toaster. Then she heard the patter of feet as her daughter trotted down the stairs into the kitchen. […]

  • Lock Your Doors

    I was swimming in the ocean, waves cresting overhead. My toes squished in the sand and the sun warmed my face and the top of my head. It was glorious. And an alarm was going off. I pushed off with my legs and launched my body forward into the water, splashing gracelessly, headfirst. When I […]

  • Tip Your Delivery Driver

    It was a normal Tuesday when Melissa ordered Taco Bell for a late-night snack. Her roommate, Felicia, popped her head out of her room and her eyes were lit up in anticipation. Melissa laughed and shook her head. “What do you want? The potato taco?” Melissa opened her food delivery app on her phone and […]

  • Around the Writer’s Block

    Originally, I intended to write my next nonfiction book on productivity. And I still plan on writing that book, but my interest has shifted to something else for now. I’d like to write about writer’s block, how I handle it, and ways for others to get through it. Because I’m going to be blunt, I […]

  • Death is a Roommate pt 3

    Olivia hounded me for Scott’s phone number. I couldn’t figure out how to tell her he didn’t have a phone. Or, if he did, I had no idea what the number was. Because he must have some way of communication with that watch that had appeared out of nowhere at the dinner party. I couldn’t […]

  • Death is a Roommate 2

    Scott moved in the next day. Well, I say moved in, but he arrived the next morning with one small suitcase and a large bag slung over one shoulder. And apparently that was all he needed because he didn’t make a second trip and he never mentioned anything about having anything else. But I suppose […]

  • Death is a Roommate pt 1

                I dreaded the doorbell ringing. Even though I’d put out the notice for a new roommate, I still hated the idea. When Lizzy moved back home, I’d thought that would be the worst part. But now I have to interview people? And potentially live with a stranger? Ick. The entire thing made my skin […]

  • A Girl as Pale as Snow

    Once upon a time, a young girl hid in a cave while monsters ravaged her parent’s house. She’d jumped from her bedroom window and run through the woods when she heard the screams. And now she heard the growls and messy sounds of teeth tearing flesh and she saw the smoke rise from the roof […]

  • I’m Writing A Series

    My current writing project is a series. I’m looking at at least four books to run the plot through. But this is going to be my first series I’ve ever written and so I’ve been looking at all the tips and tricks to doing it effectively. One of the most talked about ideas is creating […]

  • Jillian’s New Powers

                I stood at the edge of our land and looked out over the woods below. The wind whipped my hair around my face, and it stuck in my mouth and the corners of my eyes. From a distance, the bright red color must have looked like a flame. The idea left me craving a […]