• The Birds

  • Ghost Stories #5 Part 3

    Fall           Angie’s birthday party was all set up. Streamers criss-crossed around the ceilings in each room and stars dangled down around the adult’s heads. Angie ran from room to room, giggling madly as she wove in between legs.           Linda tapped her fingers against her pink party cup, sleep deprivation catching up to her.…

  • Ghost Stories #5 part 2

    Summer           It was 4th of July before anything else happened. Angie was with her grandparents and Linda and Shawn decided to throw a little party with a few friends. They spent majority of the evening in the backyard. They drank, they laughed, they enjoyed the fireworks from the park down the road. All in…

  • Ghosts

    What do you guys think about ghosts? Are they real? Is there such a thing as a haunted house? Or is it something else? Like something in an alternate plane breaking through into our world? Tell me your thoughts.

  • Creepy Pasta

    Tis the season for scaring. Creepypasta is always a reliable source when you want to get a little creeped out.

  • Ghost Story #4

              “Which dorm are you in?” Kimmy asked.           “Um…” I rechecked my move-in paperwork. “Foster Hall.”           “Oh, damn.”           “What?”           “My older brother said that one’s haunted.”           “Psh, yeah right.”           “No, really. Apparently a student goes missing every year near the holidays.”           “Goes missing or drops out during finals?”…

  • Do You Believe in Ghosts?

    I had one hell of a time getting this picture to embed. I was trying to go directly from creepypasta (the source) but it wouldn’t let me. Hmm… was it the ghosts in the picture not wanting to be seen? haha Anyway, come back Thursday to read my latest attempt at a ghost story.

  • Get Scared

  • Ghost Story #3

                    “Where are we?” Mary asked. She peered out the window, but it was too dark to see anything. When Jack didn’t answer, she smacked his arm. “Are we lost?”                 “No.” Jack squinted and leaned over the steering wheel.                 “Then what’s this street called?” He said nothing. “Jack! What the hell?” She pulled…

  • Doodles of a Creepy Fifteen Year Old