Retail Life 42

Price changes are a pain. We’ve been spending more time changing prices than we’ve spent putting up freight or cleaning the store. And somehow, they’re never all done and we still end up doing price overrides for customers because the… Read More »Retail Life 42

Retail Life 41

If you’ve worked in retail, you’ve had regular customers you loved, you liked, and the ones you couldn’t stand. I’m talking about the ones when you see them walking towards the door you’re already irritated and cringing because you know… Read More »Retail Life 41

Retail Rant 37

I’ve worked in retail for eleven and a half years. And I’ve learned to keep my cool where other people would yell. I can hold it together and smile and say, ‘have a nice day!’ no matter how much I… Read More »Retail Rant 37

Retail Rant 36

I’ve got two cranky old men stories for you today. Because they’re always the best. My cashier was ringing up an elderly couple and with every item he scanned, the man would ask how much it would ring up as… Read More »Retail Rant 36