laugh at my pain

Retail Rant 43

I have cleaned bodily fluids off floors, shelves, and the walls (yes, the walls.) I’ve found cups of dip spit, buckets someone peed in, and half-eaten cheeseburgers in my store. But nothing has been as gross as what happened to… Read More »Retail Rant 43

Retail Rant 36

I’ve got two cranky old men stories for you today. Because they’re always the best. My cashier was ringing up an elderly couple and with every item he scanned, the man would ask how much it would ring up as… Read More »Retail Rant 36

Retail Rant

It’s been awhile since I ranted about my day job, so I thought I’d give you a catch up entry on how much I still wish I didn’t work in retail. Just in case you started to think that it… Read More »Retail Rant

Retail Life 28

            The last month or so of my retail job hasn’t been too awful. There’s the normal “I can’t believe your bathroom’s broken” still happening and the “When are you gonna get more lysol/clorox wipes/rubbing alcohol/paper towels” every few days.… Read More »Retail Life 28


Thursday will bring you another chance to laugh at my pain. You’ll never guess who got on my nerves this time 🙄