• An Ode to Audiobooks

      Dear Audiobooks,   Without you in my life, I don’t know where I would be. Reading in print takes so much time and devoted energy that I just never have anymore. But then I found you, sweet audio, and my life has changed forever. Once I was able to devour multiple paperbacks and hardbacks…

  • Crazy Love

    Thursday I’ll share a little story with a little bit of love <3

  • Ghosts

    I crept down the staircase as the voices faded into the kitchen. A deep unfamiliar voice mingled with hers. She’d brought another man over. I listened hard, trying to determine if it was the same one from a few nights ago. Probably not. I knew well enough that she wanted the company, not the commitment.…

  • Smart Pets

    Trying to make her smile again. The way he used to.

  • A Love Poem

    *Because everyone needs a little bit of cheese in their lives.*   When there is no light, you’re there to help me see You are my rhythm when I can’t find the beat You bring me a smile when nothing goes right The one to get a laugh when happiness takes flight   The world…