movie trailer

A Great Movie

A gory, crazy, graphic movie. I love the characters and the dialogue and how it progresses. One of my all-time favorite movies.

Peculiar Children

I wonder if this is worth the watch. I’ve heard it strays from the book a lot. What are your thoughts?


My tot’s favorite movie right now. So, if you haven’t watched it, here’s the trailer. And if you haven’t watched it – shame on you. Go watch this adorable movie!

Crazy Rich Asians

So, I read this book this month. And now I’m excited to watch the movie. Here’s the trailer for anyone like me that has lived under a rock and completely ignored that this movie existed until now, haha.


I’m stoked to see this when it comes out. And since I read the sequel this past month, it was only fitting to share this movie trailer with you all.

Nightmare on Elm Street

My first favorite scary movies to watch and the beginning to my obsession with all things horror. Seemed fitting with this week’s writing exercise. Who else loves these old films?

Movie Love

In case you’d never heard of Practical Magic before now, here’s the trailer to get you interested.