• Nightmare on Elm Street

    My first favorite scary movies to watch and the beginning to my obsession with all things horror. Seemed fitting with this week’s writing exercise. Who else loves these old films?

  • That’s Not a Dog

    On Thursday I wrote a little story about a creature that was definitely not a dog showing up at a family’s house. While I intended the thing to be creepy and dangerous, I kept thinking about this movie while I wrote it. So here’s the family fun trailer of one of my favorite kid movies.…

  • Movie Love

    In case you’d never heard of Practical Magic before now, here’s the trailer to get you interested.

  • Dreamcatcher

    Now that I’ve read this book I’m going to have to go back and watch the movie again. So, here’s the trailer for all of you to watch and get creeped out.

  • Lighthouses and Horror

    Love horror and this week had a bit with lighthouse so of course, here’s the Darkness Falls movie trailer for your viewing pleasure.

  • The Birds

  • Horror Movies For the Win

    Here’s some scary movie trailers to get you in the mood for my creepy book release tomorrow 🙂

  • The Stand

    Now that I’ve read this book, I have to watch the movie haha

  • Woman in Black

    Since I read this book this month, it seemed only fitting to feature the trailer this week. Now I have to go out and watch the movie. Never felt compelled to watch it before since I was obsessed with Harry Potter and couldn’t unsee Daniel Radcliffe as the boy who lived long enough to watch…

  • Hell House