Mood Music

In anticipation of my book’s release next month – one of the songs off the playlist I listen to while writing.

Polaris, Instrumental

I love this band. But when I’m writing, I find lyrics distracting. So, I was thrilled to discover their albums with just the instrumentals. It’s my new favorite thing to jam while being creative.

New (ish) Music Saturday

Hey guys. The end of the year is hectic, and one thing that drives me is music. So, here’s a song I’ve been jamming lately from a band I love.


As I’ve mentioned before, I make Spotify playlists for my books. As the release of my next book approaches, I’d like to share the playlist I made for The Sweet Water Affliction.


I love Kesha and I love this song. And that’s all I have to say about it 🙂