August Reads

         This month I dropped back down to just the four books goal. Which is totally fine! I’m not disappointed in the slightest, because I know I was using my time in other ways that were also productive. I spent… Read More »August Reads

July Reads

         I’m pleased to say that July was a very successful month for reading. I read SIX books. Two of them were off my overall reading list, too. And they were all book books instead of audiobooks. I almost finished… Read More »July Reads

June Reads

            Another month, another four books down. I read another two books off my overall reading list and I’m feeling excited about achieving my goals this year. Dune by Frank Herbert          This is one of my friend’s favorite books.… Read More »June Reads

April Reads

This month has been very successful. I’ve done more physical reading than I have in a while. Plus, I finished two books off my overall reading list. I really think this is the point where I can continue to make… Read More »April Reads