• Monsters in Top Hats

    This week I’m back into the writing prompts from Now Write! and the one I’m working on has to do with monsters. As much as I like to sketch and color, I know I’m not a great artist, so I went to google for some inspiration.

  • Do You Believe in Ghosts?

    I had one hell of a time getting this picture to embed. I was trying to go directly from creepypasta (the source) but it wouldn’t let me. Hmm… was it the ghosts in the picture not wanting to be seen? haha Anyway, come back Thursday to read my latest attempt at a ghost story.

  • Cozy Reading Place

    In my dreams, I have a place like this to do my reading. In reality, I read on my lunch break in a crowded stockroom and before bed if the baby goes down easy. Maybe one day my dream will be my reality 🙂 Check back Thursday to hear about the books I managed to…