tarot cards

Tarot Cards #4

The Cards Page of Cups: An emotionally open young person given to flights of imaginative fantasy Knight of Wands: Trying to rescue the world by imposing order on it Five of Cups (reversed): The worst thing that could happen actually… Read More »Tarot Cards #4

Tarot Cards

Wrote a short piece with the inspiration from these cards. Come back Thursday to check it out.

Tarot Cards 3

The Cards 0 The Fool—A Person driven by base urges and needs. Two of Wands—Self-doubt. At cross purposes with something. Four of Wands—Teamwork Seven of Cups—Imagination and opening your mind Seven of Wands—Push beyond usual limits to exceed expectations *I… Read More »Tarot Cards 3

Tarot Card Prompt #2

The Cards  Ace of Swords (reversed): Not allowing yourself to see what matters most  Six of Cups: Optimism. Open to possibilities. Willing to learn.   The world (reversed): Realization of your true self. Slowdown of events to see the truth.   Two of… Read More »Tarot Card Prompt #2