• Tarot Cards #4

    The Cards Page of Cups: An emotionally open young person given to flights of imaginative fantasy Knight of Wands: Trying to rescue the world by imposing order on it Five of Cups (reversed): The worst thing that could happen actually creates a better situation Strength: Discipline yourself to follow your intuition Medicine Wheel (reversed): Start…

  • Tarot Cards

    Wrote a short piece with the inspiration from these cards. Come back Thursday to check it out.

  • Tarot Cards 3

    The Cards 0 The Fool—A Person driven by base urges and needs. Two of Wands—Self-doubt. At cross purposes with something. Four of Wands—Teamwork Seven of Cups—Imagination and opening your mind Seven of Wands—Push beyond usual limits to exceed expectations *I struggled a little coming up with a story for these cards. Sorry in advance if…

  • Tarot Card Exercise

    Short story on Thursday using these cards as a prompt!

  • Tarot Card Prompt #2

    The Cards  Ace of Swords (reversed): Not allowing yourself to see what matters most  Six of Cups: Optimism. Open to possibilities. Willing to learn.   The world (reversed): Realization of your true self. Slowdown of events to see the truth.   Two of Pentacles (reversed): Be proactive. Make a decision.   Strength: Follow your instincts   ** “Where are the…

  • Tarot Card Prompt #2

    I drew these five random cards and used their meanings to come up with a story. Come back Thursday to check it out 😁

  • Tarot Card Prompt #1

    “Hey, Leah, you wanna come get a drink with us after work?” Beatrice asked from the other side of the kitchen.   “Um.” Leah focused on her task of wrapping the silverware for next shift and tried to think of a reason to say no. One that was different from what she usually told them. “I don’t think…

  • Tarot Card Prompt