• Tips for listening to Audiobooks

    Listening to audiobooks is an adjustment. Especially if you multitask like I do. I listen to audiobooks at work and while cleaning, so sometimes my train of thought gets interrupted by an outside source. But I’ve gotten used to it for the sake of wanting to get through more books than the time in a…

  • Trying to Focus

    On Thursday, I described my background noise as I sat at my desk. And yes, it’s what I listen to daily when I try to work. And I’ve grown pretty used to it. Having kids in the house means I’ll never have a moment of quiet unless I work in the middle of the night.…

  • Twurkey Turkey

    I had to see this, so now you do to! Happy turkey day!

  • Serotonin

    Life is stressful. Retail can be awful. So here are some dancing storm troopers.

  • Blair Witch

  • Stagecoach Bandits

    Since I mentioned this silly, funny in Thursday’s post I thought it could be the lighthearted theme for today’s video. Also, my dad’s birthday was the other day and he loved these kinds of movies.

  • Storm Watching

  • Space Jam

    The only thing I could think of when I saw the story cube with the laser gun was Space Jam. So, enjoy some nostalgia 🙂

  • Description Writing Tips

    Here’s a short video I found that gives some great tips on writing better descriptions using your senses.

  • Fitness

    Not exactly dancy, but it was still fun. Relates to the short story posted on Thursday. I tried it out, and I broke a sweat. I ended up having to hold the needy child halfway through though, so I’m sure that added to the workout haha